Andre Verdier Debutant

  • Founded in 1859, Andre Verdier is one of France's oldest cutlery manufacturers
  • 100% designed and made in France
  • Mirror polished stainless steel for a professional finish, superior quality and durability

André Verdier produces a wide range of Laguiole cutlery and flatware in their factories, just outside Lyon. The famous knife making region of Thiers is renowned for producing superior cutlery.

Much like ‘Champagne’, ‘Laguiole’ designates a style of cutlery rather than a brand name – identifiable by its character-enriched handle shape.

André Verdier Laguiole cutlery is like no other, and is 100% made in France - including packaging. Their cutlery is beautiful, unique and delightful to use.

There's a lot of Laguiole-inspired cutlery out there. But here's what makes Andre Verdier knives premium products.

What Makes Andre Verdier Laguiole Cutlery So Special?

  • Unique micro-serrated edge on either side of knife blade for unmatched cutting power in either hand, without tearing food
  •  Knives require no sharpening
  • Knife blades made from professional quality X46Cr13 mirror polished stainless steel for superior durability and rust resistance
  • 18/10 stainless steel used for spoons and forks
  •  Handles made from coloured ABS which is highly shock resilient, and fixed using 5 stainless steel rivets
  • Each piece features the trademark ‘Laguiole Bee’ which is welded on all items
  • Handles on spoons and forks are straight for comfort in both the left or right hand
  • European beech wood box with dovetail joinery packaging
  • Range is made entirely in France and carries a Certificate of Authenticity – issued by Laguiole France

Debutant Cheese Knife Set 3 Piece
Debutant Salad Set/2 Aqua
Debutant Butter Knife Mint
Debutant Butter Knife Pink
Debutant Butter Knife Black
Debutant Butter Knife White
Debutant Butter Knife Ivory
Debutant Cheese Knife Mint
Debutant Cheese Knife Pink
Debutant Cheese Knife Sage
Debutant Cheese Knife Red
Debutant Cheese Knife White
Debutant Cheese Knife Ivory
Debutant Cheese Knife Black
Debutant Cheese Knife Set Green
Debutant Cheese Knife Set Black