Wholesale Hotel Towels in Australia

There is nothing quite as wonderful as emerging from a revitalizing shower and enveloping yourself in a plush, luxury bath towel. One of the major obstacles that airbnb hosts and hoteliers face is locating luxury bathroom towels at a reasonable price.

With our vast industry experience, we have gained valuable insights into the operational aspects of running an accommodation business. We leverage this knowledge to expertly strike a balance between comfort and style while addressing the practical requirements of our customers.

To this end, the wholesale bathroom towels that we supply in Australia are of the highest standard possible but can be acquired at affordable prices. Read More


Australia’s Best Wholesale Towel Suppliers

When making a decision on bathroom towels, there are four primary factors to consider: quality (gsm), price, color, and whether to include a header or not.

Towel Quality

GSM refers to the weight of the towel.

595 - 650gsm 5 Star Luxury plush towels suitable for hospitality are between 595 - 650gsm. This is also the standard weight of luxury towels sold retail. There are super plush towels in the retail market 700gsm plus, but the weight of laundering, and dry time makes them less suitable in a commercial environment. 

500 - 595gsm 4 Star Thinner towels perfectly adequate for the job, but don't add that touch of luxury to the bathroom. Easier laundering and quicker dry time. 

Towel Colour

White is still the standard colour used in most accommodation settings. Many stains can be bleached out, and guests have confidence in the apparent cleanliness of white products. However white isn't suitable for all environments, nor is it a personal preference for many hosts. We have an extensive range of coloured towels in our 4 and 5 star ranges, and also a choice between with and without header. 


We have some stand out value towels, particulary five-star-towelling & deluxe-650gsm-commercial-towels. But the most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing towels from anywhere, is replacements. Seasonal towels are generally not available the following year, and customers can end up with mismatched towels or having to start again.

Here at BNB Supplies,  Australia’s premier wholesale towel suppliers, we focus on non seasonal (core) towel ranges, to ensure our customers can always access replacments for damaged or missing towelling. 


A towel header is the embroidered / indented strip that runs on each end of the towel, just in from the end. It is almost a personal preference. Some customers love the extra touch of luxury a header provides, whereas other customers see the headers as the weakest part of the towel and most likely to be damaged and pull the towel out of shape. 

Towelling is an important aspect of creating a positive, lasting image of your hotel or Airbnb. 

The Best Brands and the Highest Standards of Comfort

At BNB Supplies, our range of brands includes luxury names like Actil Super Deluxe and Royal Doulton, plus names that are making waves in providing great towelling at affordable pricing such as Simba Global. 

All areas of your hospitality service are catered to in full by our team and we assure you that the linen towels we sell wholesale are long-lasting and are superior value for money proposition.

So, if you need bath towels wholesale or other guest amenities such as hotel robes, there really is no better place to shop than right here at BNB Supplies. We look forward to sending great products to your establishment for your guests’ enjoyment soon.

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