Wholesale Hotel Towels in Australia

Few people enjoy stepping out of the shower and having to dry themselves with a towel that is coarse and rough. This may be acceptable at home, but when you’re paying a couple of hundred dollars a night in a hotel this kind of quality is certain to be met with annoyance and scathing reviews.

Competition is rife in the hospitality industry today. There are countless alternatives to hotels and so those who fail to cater to the comfort standards of their guests face challenging times.

At BNB Supplies, we are Australia’s premier wholesale towel suppliers. Our reputation as a quality hotel supply company sets us apart in the hospitality industry. We are committed to making the best of products accessible to elite, five-star and luxury hotels across the country and we are rigorous in our selection methods. Read More

Australia’s Best Wholesale Towel Suppliers

Our extensive experience in the industry has taught us many things about hospitality and we put this to great use in determining how best to optimise comfort, style and the all-important wow factor for our clients.

To this end, the wholesale towels that we supply in Australia are of the highest standard possible but can be acquired at affordable prices. One of the brands that you can expect to find in our online store is Actil Commercial, which for those in the know will appreciate as the gold standard in terms of long-lasting, luxury textiles.

How to Create the Ultimate Sense of Luxury for Guests

Details are important in the hospitality industry. Here at BNB Supplies, we know that every guest that stays at a luxury destination or resort looks forward to seeing what thoughtful touches await them on arrival. While comfort and style are an absolute must, unless products that add an air of luxury, sophistication, class and style complement this, then they may start to wonder where indeed the price of their stay is invested.

That’s what it is essential for your hotel to never let its standards slip and to look for suppliers such as us here at BNB Supplies, that offer hotel towels for sale that are not only available at wholesale prices but match the level of expectation that your unique brand and identity communicate.

A poor night’s sleep or an uncomfortable experience post-shower will undoubtedly lead to a negative reaction, which may be stated on the premises, or worse, reserved for the online platform by which time there is no opportunity to correct the error and show the customer just how committed you are to making amends.

Creating a positive, lasting image starts before the customer arrives and a key part of this is accessing products that are plush, luxurious and leave no doubt in the mind that every single dollar of the room price has been used effectively to maximise comfort and satisfaction.

The Best Brands and the Highest Standards of Comfort

At BNB Supplies, our range of brands includes luxury names like Hermes and names that are making great waves in providing sustainable guest amenities. These brands include Moooi, Christian Lacroix, Anatomicals, Savoir Faire, Kudos Coastal and Idealogy.

All areas of your hospitality service are catered to in full by our team and we assure you that the linen towels we sell wholesale are long-lasting and are superior value for money proposition.

So, if you need bath towels wholesale or other guest amenities such as hotel robes, there really is no better place to shop than right here at BNB Supplies. We look forward to sending luxurious goods to your establishment for your guests’ enjoyment soon.

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