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Hotels value efficiency and style equally when choosing their bed cover sets. Using a coverlet, comforter or bedspread can be highly efficient, and are available in almost every style and colour imaginable. 

What is the difference between a bed spread & a coverlet?

Traditionally the main difference between a bed spread & a coverlet:

  • Bed spreads are designed to be oversized and hang down to the floor, whereas coverlets tend to only cover the top of the bed.
  • Bed spreads are a decorate cover only, they don't have any fill. Our coverlets have about 250gm fill
  • Some coverlets are still made to fit to, and cover the top of the bed, (called a bedcap) but many coverlets are now oversized and drape to the floor.  

Comforters are very similar to coverlets, but tend to have more fill and more suited to cooler weather / cooler climates. 

There are many differents ways that hotels make their beds: 

  • The traditional fitted sheet + flat sheet + quilt + guilt cover
  • Triple sheeting, which dispenses of the quilt cover and puts a top sheet over the quilt instead
  • Fitted sheet, quilt + quilt cover, but no flat sheet. The guest sleeps directly underneath the quilt cover 
  • Fitted sheet + flat sheet + (blanket if required) + bedspread/coverlet/comforter 




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