Luxury Hotel Guest Amenities Wholesale Supplies

There are standard definitions of what the word luxury means. However, in the hospitality industry, the gulf in difference between what is considered luxury guest amenities and amenities that do little to impress or excite is huge.

The variety of choice for those that wish to plan a stay anywhere in Australia today is considerable with choices ranging from five-star hotels to high-end Airbnb’s not to mention glamping options. But while luxury definitely requires a standard that is above the norm, at the moment, this can also include brands and product lines that are developed to a higher ethical standard. Read More

Luxury Hotel Supplies Including the World’s Best Brands

Here at BNB Supplies, we supply stylish hotel products and the highest quality guest amenities throughout Australia, including hotel linen, motel supplies and much more. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers can tap into the best luxury hotel supplies and cater to a wide range of different products and needs.

We are rigorous in our selection process and so you can expect to find some of the best-loved and known brands in the world in our online store, not to mention those exceptional companies whose products tick the box in terms of their ethical methods.

We are the supplier that those who want their guests to feel appreciated turn to time and time again. You want to deliver an indulgent, undeniably luxurious experience for those that stay on your premises and we are the company that is capable of complementing your desire to do so with the best products.

Luxury Guest Amenities Ready to Ship Across Australia

At BNB Supplies, we appreciate the need for all hoteliers, BnB, short stay accommodation providers and Airbnb hosts to maintain a standard of excellence that will ensure that what they have to offer stands head and shoulders above the local and indeed, national competition.

As such, from our headquarters in Port Melbourne, we are capable of responding quickly to your requirements should you suddenly recognise a need to replenish stock, or upgrade what you currently offer with luxury hotel guest amenities.

Our products are available in singular and bulk quantities and we strive to deliver all orders quickly and efficiently.

Orders that are received and paid for by 10 AM will dispatch on the same day. Our delivery times are fantastic, with same day delivery available in Melbourne metro, next day for Adelaide and Sydney and two day delivery times for those based in Tasmania, Canberra, Brisbane and Gold Coast metro areas.

Rest assured that each item that we make available on our site has been chosen with absolute care and consideration for how it will add value and deliver a unique experience for the end user. We stock high quality, environmentally friendly products where possible and our unrivalled dedication to luxury continually makes us the go-to choice for high-end clients that wish to deliver on all fronts for their guests.

Who Stands to Benefit?

Here at BNB Supplies, we want to afford you the chance to stand out from the crowd by tapping into brands and products that have already earned a reputation for their exceptional quality. Our store is the ultimate destination for those seeking luxury hotel supplies online that can and will enhance the experiences of their future guests.

The products that we stock are long-lasting, which means that you can not only access luxury hotel supplies at wholesale prices but can expect a consistent quality that will undoubtedly save you money in the long term.

Take some time to browse products from the following brands and get in touch with us if you have any questions; Kudos Coastal, Idealogy (an organic brand that only uses Australian ingredients), Moooi, Christian Lacroix, Anatomicals, Savoir Faire, Eco Fresh, Eartherapy, Ecossential Elements, Enriched, Hermes and more.

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