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More and more guests are judging the room they check into by the smaller details on offer to them. Items such as complimentary biscuits, teas and coffees as well as individualised toiletries go a long way to shaping those all-important first impressions that can be so difficult to sway.

For this reason, we have seen a dramatic rise in demand for bespoke toiletries from our customers. There has never been a greater selection of hotel shampoos and conditioners that are luxurious and kind to the hair and the environment. Read More

Do You Need A Better Standard Of Hotel Shampoo And Conditioner?

If so, then we have good news for you as you have just found what you’re looking for! If you operate a guest house, a hotel or you oversee the accommodation department of a resort, then we have everything you could possibly need to give your guests the best overnight experience they could ask for.

We have been supplying some of Australia’s premier hotels, rental apartments and airlines with unrivalled guest amenities for years. Today, we are considered an industry leader in hotel and motel supplies and our clients rely on us for quality products.

Hotel Shampoo and Conditioner That’s Luxurious & Gentle

Offering great quality toiletries to your guests is a sure fire way to ensure they have an enjoyable stay and it is the best way to guarantee a good rating.

Our clients often report a high turnover of bathroom consumables along with repeat custom. This demonstrates how their guests recognise and appreciate the level of care they receive and return to their preferred accommodation provider. It is easy to associate a high standard of guest amenities with a higher demand for rooms.

We stock shampoos and conditioners from some of the world’s most luxurious brands. These include:

  • Aveda
  • Basic Earth Botanicals
  • Eartherapy
  • Eco Fresh
  • Ecossential Elements
  • Enriched
  • Hermes
  • Ideology
  • June Jacobs
  • Moooi
  • Kudos Coastal
  • Pharmacopia
  • Pure Beach
  • Rituals
  • Vive Recharge

We stock both individualised packets and bottles of conditioner and shampoo as well as larger drums to fill wall-mounted dispensers. No matter what setup you have in your guest rooms we have the superior product to suit it. We also are the leading wholesale soap supplier in Australia with a huge range of stock to accompany your other guest amenities.

Quality Shouldn’t Come At A Premium

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner for hotels, it is important that you choose products that you can rely on to keep your guests clean, happy and coming back for more.

At BNB Supplies, we put our focus on quality, but that doesn’t mean that it comes at a premium. All of our supplies are offered at competitive and affordable wholesale prices so that you don’t have to tighten your finances just to try them out.

Browse our full range on our website today and see what you could offer your guests tomorrow.

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Eartherapy Bath Gel 15ml x 400
Eartherapy Body Lotion 15ml x 400
Eartherapy Conditioner 15ml x 400
Eartherapy Shampoo 15ml x 400
Apotheke Shampoo 30ml x 300
Apotheke Shampoo 30ml x 50
Bathe Marine Shampoo x 128
Bathe Marine Shampoo x 25
Eartherapy Shampoo 30Ml X 50
Elemental Herbology 480ml Shampoo
Ideology Shampoo 30ml x 50
Natural Earth Shampoo 35ml X 25
Natural Earth Shampoo 35ml X 324
Pina Colada Shampoo 30Ml X 198
Pina Colada Shampoo 30Ml X 30
Pure Revere 30ml Shampoo x 50
Savoir-Faire Shampoo 30ml x 50
Soap Aid 500ml Shampoo
South Pacific Soap Co Shampoo X 100
50 x Sincerely Clean 30ml Shampoo
Apotheke Conditioner 30ml x 300
Apotheke Conditioner 30ml x 50
Bathe Marine Conditioner X 128
Eartherapy Shampoo 30Ml X 300