Tissue Box Cover

We love decor items that also fulfil a purpose, which is why we are always looking for great tissue boxes. 

Our standard stock range tissue box covers are made from stainless steel,  durable melamine and leatherette. The square tissue box covers are available in glossy white, matt black and stainless steel, and leatherette black. The rectangle tissue box covers are availably in glossy white,  matt black or leatherette black. 

They look great next to the bed and in the bathroom or kitchen. The tissue box covers also look great in public reception areas and workplaces. 

Currently we also have in stock Bermuda Ceramic Tissue Boxes and South Hampton Rattan Tissue boxes which look great in coastal properties. These items are only available until current stock is sold out.



Anila Square Tissue Box
Ishani Tissue Box

Ishani Tissue Box


Sadia Tissue Box

Sadia Tissue Box


Black Tissue Box Cover Square
Leatherette Cube Tissue Box Black
Black Tissue Box Cover Rectangle
White Tissue Box Cover Square
White Tissue Box Cover Rectangle
Eliot Tissue Box

Eliot Tissue Box


Gilli Rectangular Tissue Box
Gilli Square Tissue Box