Tissue Box Cover

Upgrade Your Home Decor with Our Tissue Box Covers

High Quality Acrylic and Leatherette Tissue Box Covers


Acryclic Tissue Boxes

The Alva series of tissue box covers are beautifully simple and superbly constructed from durable, high quality acrylic. Available in both glossy white and matt black, these square and rectangle tissue box covers are perfect for adding a touch of style to any room.

Leatherette Tissue Boxes

Our leatherette series feature the smart Mornington series in black, charcoal and pewter. Creamy Greta & Grey Keslie add to the range with classic textures stamped into the leatherette. The series is rounded out by the classic James Black and Brown leatherette tissue boxes, featuring double white stitching. These tissue box covers look great next to the bed and in the bathroom or kitchen, as well as in public reception areas and workplaces.