Hotel Bathroom Decorating Ideas

We've put together some decorating ideas for your hotel bathroom which include

  • decorative trays which work well with guest amenities 
  • small indoor plant perfect for your hotel bathroom decor
  • small decorative vases 

Mix & match to create your own style


Shibu Tray

Shibu Tray

From $AUD14.50

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32mm Basin Plug Plastic
40Mm Sink Plug Stainless Steel
50Mm Bath Plug Stainless Steel
Lena Ceramic Soap Dish
Lena Ceramic Storage Jar
Lena Ceramic Tumbler
London Recycled Glass Soap Holder
Melamine Soap Dish Curved Black
Melamine Soap Dish Curved White
Powder Coated White Toilet Brush
Rhine Ceramic Storage Jar
Rhine Ceramic Tumbler
Sanitary Disposal Bag x 1000
Shower Curtain Box Stripe White
Echeveria Stem

Echeveria Stem