Long Single Sheets Plus More

These extra long single fitted sheets and other products are designed for 2 long single beds split from a King Size bed.

The long single fittted sheet is the correct size for a Split King Bed, Adjustable Bed or Electric Bed. A Split King Bed can be zipped into a King Bed, or unzipped into two long singles. Long single beds are as long as a King Single, but not as wide.  

Long single sheets are also the correct size for adjustable beds, or electric beds, as these beds are often a King bed split into two with one or both sides being adjustable.

Our range of long single fitted products includes the following:

  • Long Single Fitted Sheets Cotton / Poly Blends - most suitable for split king beds in an accommodation environment
  • Long Single Fitted Sheets 100% Cotton - most suitable for domestic use
  • Long Single Mattress Protectors Waterproof - suitable for accommodation & domestic
  • Long Single Mattress Protectors Padded - suitable for accommodation & domestic
  • Long Single Mattress Toppers - suitable for accommodation & domestic
  • Long Single Electric Blankets - suitable for accommodation & domestic




White - Fletcher Split King Flannelette Cotton Sheet Set
Long Single Fitted Sheet - White
Long Single Fitted Sheet - Ecru
Split King Sheet Set 100% Cotton
Split Queen Sheet Set 100% Cotton
Actil Long Single Hotel Sheet Set