Quality Hotel Pillows Supplies in Australia

There is a lot to consider when purchasing hotel pillows.

Microcloud has developed a pillow which feels exactly like a goose down pillow,  without the cruelty and allergens. The Microcloud pillow has  all the features a hotelier or accommodation provider needs in a comfortable, long lasting hotel pillow and offers a minimum two year guarantee.

The Belissimo pillow is a superior product in the mid range hotel pillow market, with approximately twice as many fibres as other pillows of the same weight. Filled with micro coil fibre filling the belissimo has outstanding recovery, springing back to orginal shape. This results in a longer lasting pillow.  

Many polyester fibre pillows use low cost fibres which don't spring back to the original loft (height) after being slept on. This means that in a very short span of time the pillows will need to be replaced costing time and money, and may tarnish your reputation with guests. If you are going to use polyester pillows, put them as spares in the cupboard so that they are not used as often, and put a reminder in your diary every six months to check them. 

What about memory foam? These pillows will last longer than polyester fibre, but over time the outer polyester filling will flatten to the core. Memory foam pillows cannot be shaped to suit an individual, so they won't suit all of your guests. Which brings us to another outstanding quality of the Microcloud pillow -  it can be shaped to the individual comfort of each guest. 


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European Pillow


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