Quality Hotel Pillows Supplies in Australia

The importance of maintaining high quality pillows at your hotel cannot be overstated. Pillows are more than just an accessory, they are essential to ensuring your guests comfort and satisfaction. 

When planning your pillow budget, keep in mind that industry standards recommend replacing hotel pillows every two years to uphold hygiene, comfort and support for your guests.  Fortunately many of our pillows are so loved by hotel guests that they purchase them for personal use, and most are reasonably priced at under $35 per pillow. 

The Importance Of A Good Pillow Menu 

Providing support for the headh and neck,  plus upper back is the most important role that the pillow needs to fill during sleep. This support is vital to maintain the natural curve of the spine. Sleeping without adequate support will not only have a negative impact on the quality of sleep, but it can also result in stiffness in the neck and back.

A range of soft, medium and firm pillows will cover most of your guests sleep style. 

  • Generally side sleepers are best supported by a firm pillow, or a countour pillow, both offering neck and shoulder support. 
  • Medium loft pillows and memory foam pillows are best for back sleepers, providing support and maintaining proper alignment. 
  • Soft pillows, and down alternatives are a great option for stomach sleepers, conforming gently to the head and neck.