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Those that provide hospitality services throughout Australia are in a unique position in terms of the range of ways in which they interact with their guests. During their stay on your premises, guests will typically engage in a number of ways with your staff, but most importantly they will have direct contact with the choices that you make while they sleep and care for themselves in their rooms.

As such, sourcing a hotel linen supplier that can deliver quality products that speak to your dedication to ensuring a superior experience for your guests is essential. Read More

Australia’s Best Hotel Linen Supplier

At BNB Supplies, we make stylish, high-quality commercial hostipality supplies wholesale throughout Australia. We don’t seek to deliver a basic standard for our clients but instead look far and wide to secure superior supplies and guest amenities that will elevate the perceived quality and standard offered by your hotel in the eyes of your guests.

Every single product that we have selected was chosen on the basis of its ability to enhance guest experience and deliver a high-value proposition to you.

Here you can tap into the best possible hotel linen accessible in Australia, including:

  • Bed Runners & Cushions
  • Blankets
  • Electric Blankets
  • Hotel Pillows
  • Hotel Sheets
  • Mattress Protectors
  • Mattress Toppers
  • Microcloud Bedding
  • Hotel Robes
  • Quilt Covers
  • Quilt Protectors
  • Quilts

One of the Most Important Things for Every Hotel to Get Right

It goes without saying that guests of a hotel will base their experience on a number of factors, but the one thing that is consistently a priority is the comfort, cleanliness and quality of the bed and its linen. It’s one of the first things almost every single guest will test out when they arrive in their room and even if you have a quality mattress in place, if the linen that is used to dress the bed does not immediately scream luxury, then your guests are not going to be very happy.

The problem is that hotels who encounter a negative response to their hotel bed linen in Australia typically opted for an average textile, instead of choosing something a little more high-end that will speak to the service and standards that you hope to achieve.

Here at BNB Supplies, we understand that it’s a full-time job getting all of the different elements of your premises to meld and feel consistent but failing to invest in the best possible linen you can is something that guests will find hard to forgive.

Remember, their skin will spend hours in contact with the hotel bed linen that you choose and if they are not comfortable, then they won’t sleep well, or feel that they are being well looked after and will likely not return any time soon.

When You Need to Enhance the Indulgence Factor

Think about the image that you want to convey and how you hope your guests will perceive your efforts. If you hope to instil your name as a luxury destination or you have aspirations of competing with those in your area that already command the market, then it is essential that no details are left to chance and that the textiles you choose are of consistently high quality.

At BNB Supplies, you will find hotel linen online wholesale that is designed to get better with age. This not only ensures your guests a comfortable stay but saves you money in the long run, without sacrificing quality. We deliver the products and brands to clients who want their guests to experience superior hospitality. So, when you need high-end products that are affordable and will enhance the indulgence factor at your hotel, look no further.

Is hotel linen different to regular linen?

Yes, hotel linen is constructed to withstand the rigours of commercial laundries. Generally hotel linen gets better with age, whereas retail linen gets worse with age. Each week we take phone calls from customers who have had Actil sheets for decades, and they finally need replacing.  

What threadcount is hotel linen?

Simply, threadcount is the total number of threads per square inch of fabric, and it's not the best indicator of sheet quality. 

For example, sheets constructed using 1ply quality thread can have a thread count between 120 to a maximum of 400. 

Sheets with a threadcount higher than 400 have twisted two or more lower quality threads around itself, creating a multiply thread.

Hence, the threadcount might be 400, but as each thread is made up of multiple plys, the sheet can be marketed as 800 threadcount, or even 1200 threadcount if three separate plys have been twisted into the one thread. 

In summary a 2ply thread woven into a 300 thread count can be called a 600 thread count but may be lower quality than a 1ply 300 thread count sheet. 

For hotel linen using a quality 1ply thread, an average thread count of between 180 and 300 is the perfect weight for comfort and durability.

What is a percale weave?

Percale is a closely woven, one thread over / one thread under plain weave. The weave gives the fabric strength and durability. This is what five star hotels use. Percale can wrinkle initially and feel stiff until the sheets are broken in and the fibres have softened with use. 

The benefits of percale are:

  • Percale sheets feel strong, cool & crisp
  • Percale sheets does not pill
  • Percale sheets are easy care (low or no ironing)
  • Percale sheets are breathable

Do polyester cotton percale blends breathe?

Yes, the polyester is a thinner thread than cotton, and during the percale weaving process little open pockets are created, resulting in a breathable blend.

If you want to buy hotel linen that lasts and is easy to care for, look for a percale polyester / cotton blend and a threadcount between 180 and 300. 

And to ensure your hotel linen isn't prematurely damaged, don't skimp on cleaning equipment for your cleaners and guests. You don't want them to be tempted to wipe up spills with pillowcases or facewashers. Make sure you have plenty of tissues, wipes and sponges in your guest quarters.

At BnB Supplies we supply beautiful, luxurious hotel sheets and towels that are deluxe, fresh and crisp to the touch. Your guests will love our pillowcases, super plush baths towels and sheets, and flat and fitted bedsheets that come in all sizes from long single to super king. The linen is easy care and is designed to stay in pristine condition after numerous washes.

Our national hotel supplies are provided to a range of hotels, resorts and vacation premises Australia wide. Luxury linen is one of the sought-after hotel products that keeps guests coming back time after time.

For information on quality hotel hospitality supplies contact us today.

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