Hotel Amenities & Toiletries Suppliers in Australia

Any hotel or Airbnb lives or dies by its reputation. Attention to detail and proof of superiority are crucial when selecting top market leaders over competitors.

This means that your hotel amenities must be classy, sophisticated, and luxurious, leaving nothing to chance.

The BNB Supplies team works hard all year. They create a carefully chosen range of products. These products will improve your hospitality business. They will also impress your guests.

We are famous for our great hotel supplies and guest amenities. Our reputation is important to us, and we have many well-known clients, including luxury resorts and hotels in Australia. Read More

Australia’s Luxury Hotel Toiletries Suppliers

We want your guests to feel pampered with the products we provide, making their stay extra special and unforgettable.

We get our shampoo and conditioner from Sincerely® a brand known for their high-quality and gentle products. Their products don't have any irritating ingredients, sulphate, artificial colors, or added fragrances.

They are dedicated to serving eco-friendly customers. Take a moment to explore their collection on our website. We are confident that you will adore their products just like we do.

Where to Source Ethical Luxury Hotel Amenities

We are the top hotel toiletries supplier in Australia. Our products are of high quality and meet our environmental policies.

We try to reduce the impact of the hospitality industry on the planet by sourcing products from ethical high-end manufacturers. To this end, you can feel confident about the fact that our wholesale soap supplies and shampoos are as high quality as possible.

We are the company that top hotels contact because they need to meet high standards for their guests. They know we provide quality and sustainability.

View our Large Range of Hotel Amenities

Choose BNB Supplies for your hotel amenities. We have extensive industry knowledge and experience to create an impressive collection of hotel supplies, regardless of your budget. Your guests will be impressed.

Every single person that encounters your impressive array of products will feel that you have taken their needs into consideration and gone above and beyond to impress and make their stay as luxurious as possible.

When you’re ready for the best, the team here at BNB Supplies are ready to make that leap forward with you.


As quality hotel guest amenities suppliers, we provide the ultimate in hotel toiletries to elite hotel and motel, resorts, BnB's, serviced apartments b&b, vacation properties and more. Our superb range of wholesale hospitality supplies features the brands Sincerely® Clean & Sincerely® Organics.

These collections include soaps, shower gel, body balm shampoo, and conditioner in wheat straw 30ml tubes, 500ml bottles and 5 litre refills. The range includes eco-friendly dry amenities. These amenities include shower caps, sanitary bags, dental kits, and shave kits. They are made from cornstarch and wheat straw.

One of our hotel soap suppliers is South Pacific Soap Company. These superior products are made with pure organic coconut oil, which is an antioxidant as well as being anti-inflammatory and hydrating. As well as luxurious quality body soap, South Pacific Soap Company has haircare and skincare range which come in convenient 30ml sizes. These top-quality products are made in the Pacific and are of the Pacific.

We also proudly stock Wallawa products including soap, hair wash and mini packs. Wallawa is indigenous botanical skin care which is Australian made and contains indigenous active botanical ingredients from all over Australia.The unique and stunning range contains emu bush soap, Victorian eucalyptus shampoo, personal shower caps, divine bath bag infusions and Tasmanian bush pepper body wash.

As your quality hotel amenities supplier, we stock only the best in hair, bath and body products. Not only are the products high class, they are beautifully presented. We continually delight hotel guests with these beautiful, superior products. For all your wholesale hospitality supplies contact us.

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Apotheke Mini Pack 200 pieces
Basic Earth 15ml Minipack
Basic Earth 30ml Minipack
Bathe Marine Soap Box x 348
Bathe Marine Soap Box x 50
Black Acrylic Amenities Box
Charcoal Vanity Kit Sachet x 250
Display Tray Bamboo
Eartherapy Bath Gel 15ml x 400
Eartherapy Body Lotion 15ml x 400
Eartherapy Conditioner 15ml x 400
Eartherapy Mini Pack 30Ml
Eartherapy Shampoo 15ml x 400
Frolic Tray

Frolic Tray


Frosted Sachet Shower Cap x 250
Ideology Mini Pack 200 Pieces