Kudos Spa

Kudos Spa - Australian Hotel Toiletries

Kudos Spa - Hotel Toiletries Australia

The Kudos Spa range has recently had a makeover! The new vibrant colours of Kudos Spa have been designed for a stylish, contemporary in room experience. 

The popular formulations remain the same, featuring exclusively-designed fragrance containing a fresh combination of Bergamot, Jasmin and Green Tea. The collection features vegetable based soaps and the liquids.

If you are looking for a contemporary, well priced, mid range product with co-ordinating accessories - look no further than these hotel toiletries developed in Australia.

Key Features

  • Enriched with Cucumber and White Tea extracts
  • Mineral oil free to let skin breathe and absorb moisture
  • Vegetable-based soaps to retain skins moisture
  • Paraben free to minimise skin irritations
  • ERP™ Environmentally Responsible Packaging
  • Cruelty Free

Packaging ERP (Environmentally Responsible Products)

In 2009, biodegradable packaging was introduced to this product. An enzyme additive is added to our plastic bottles, tubes,caps and sachets and independently tested to meet international ASTM standards.







Kudos Spa 15Ml Mini Pack
Kudos Spa 30Ml Mini Pack