Microcloud Bedding

Drift off to sleep in luxury with microCloud bedding.

When co-founders Robert Weil & Tony Blanch created microCloud in 2004, they never dreamt it would grow to become the most sought after luxury hotel bedding brand in the country. 

Decades of experience in bedding design and textiles led them to develop a unique hypoallergenic fibre blend with more loft, better shape retention, and unbeatable comfort thta today provides the most luxurious sleep for millions of Australian.


The MicroCloud range is an elite brand of exceptionally comfortable bedding for the Australian accommodation market. This unique range consists of blissful pillows, sumptuous bed toppers, luxurious lightweight quilts, ultra supportive and comfortable mattresses,  mattress protector, pillow protectors and 'snuggle' robes.

We also sell Microcloud Split King Beds. Made in Australia, these split king beds can be purchased with upholstered base (many colours available). 

The Split King beds are two long singles integrated with a zipe-through centre join. Thus you can offer each guest 1 King bed, or 2 Single beds. This is a preferred configuration among hotels, motels, holiday houses and other rental properties ensuring flexibility and convenience for guest arrangements.

We sell MicroCloud products to accommodation providers such as airbnb, holiday rentals, serviced apartments, hotels, motels resorts etc. Please email us at  sales@bnbsupplies.com.au for access to pricing. Microcloud products are used by some of  Australia's top hotels.