Wholesale Hotel Condiment Supplies in Australia

Are you looking for the best Hotel Condiment Supplies?

If so, then you have come to the right place to for all your hotel condiment supplies. At BNB Supplies, we stock the very best in accommodation and hospitality products for hotels, motels and rental apartments looking to set themselves apart from the crowd.

We have been servicing Australian companies for years and have acquired a reputation for great quality, sustainable products, timely delivery and excellent customer service. By working with us, you guarantee a higher standard of service for your own guests. Read More

Small Things Such as Hotel Condiments Make a Difference

One of the first things that every guest does just after checking into their room is to seek out what is readily available to them. Complimentary tea or coffee, quality hotel shampoos and conditioners, and the contents of a mini bar can really help set the tone of your guest’s stay by demonstrating how you tend to their needs right from the get-go.

Hotel condiment supplies go a long way to keeping a smile on your guests’ faces, particularly if they bring some home with them as this can act as a calling card that reminds them of a great stay they enjoyed at your establishment.

There is great wisdom in doing the small things really well as they can add up to have a big impact on your clients. We’ve learned time and again that if you look after the small things, the big things will look after themselves.

Give Your Guests An Experience They Wont Forget

We stock a wide range of first-class hotel condiments at wholesale prices so that you can avail of these excellent boutique products without breaking the bank.

By purchasing condiments in volume, you can rest assured that you will have a store of outstanding products at your disposal to impress even the most demanding of guests. Furthermore, when you buy in bulk, you can relax knowing that your supplies will last for a long time so you don’t have to stress about constantly re-stocking.

Take some time to browse our collection of the following condiments;

Beerenberg Cheeseboard Pastes

Beerenberg Jams

Beerenberg Sauces

Hot Beverages

Cafe De Sol Coffee

Caffe Aurora

Double Wood Drip Coffee Bags

Fair Trade Tea & Coffee

Herbal Teas

Lipton Teas



Porters Teas

Robert Timms Coffee Bags

Keep A Smile On Your Guest’s Face

We stock the very best in condiment packets and we pride ourselves on our commitment to being sustainable accommodation wholesalers in Australia. We offer high-quality condiment packets, including a great range of fair trade coffees, teas and sugars. We really have everything you need from nuts and herbal teas to jam packets.

For the very best hotel condiments available online be sure to check out what BNB Supplies can offer your business. Call us or get in touch by email today to arrange your next order and to make sure that your guests arrive in their room with a smile on their face.

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Bundaberg Raw Sugar Sticks x 2000
Milo 20g Sachets x 100
Aurora Black Tea (500 Pieces)
Aurora Granulated Coffee Sachet
CSR Raw Sugar Sticks x 2500
60 x Beerenberg Apricot Jam 30G
Aurora Earl Grey Tea (150 Pieces)
One Fairtrade Premium Coffee x 250
Aurora Green Tea (150 Pieces)
One Fairtrade Plunger Coffee x 75
Beerenberg Bbq Sauce 300Ml x 8
Beerenberg Chilli Sauce 300Ml x 8