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Bathe Marine Skincare Hair & Body care products are enriched with Kelp Extract and Phytoplankton as the active ingredients in our world famous, salon grade base formulations.

Sea kelp is firming, healing and soothing for any skin type and is incredibly effective for normal and dry skin, as it is a powerful and nutritious, non oily moisturiser. For thousands of years herbalists have used sea kelp to treat an array of problems. Kelp contains over 60 vitamins and minerals, moisturizing your skin and providing nutrients at the same time.

Phytoplankton (basically super tiny little plants that live in the sea)  are one of nature's true wonders which makes it the perfect cosmetic ingredient due to its super high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. As well as being a natural anti-inflammatory, it is also high in antioxidants and zinc, all of which are great for your hair and skin.

The combination of these two super ingredients with our salon grade formulations represents the very very best in guest hair & body care.



Bathe Marine Skincare Sample Pack
White Guest Amenity Tray

Bathe Marine Soap Box x 348
Bathe Marine Soap Box x 50
Bathe Marine Shampoo x 128
Bathe Marine Shampoo x 25
Bathe Marine Conditioner X 128
Bathe Marine Body Wash X 128
Bathe Marine Body Wash X 25
Bathe Marine Body Balm x 128
Bathe Marine Body Balm x 25
Bathe Marine 15G Wrapped Soap X 500
Bathe Marine Soap 20G x 375
Bathe Pleat Soap 40G x 350
Bathe Marine Shower Cap x 250
Bathe Marine Sanitary Bags x 250
Bathe Marine Skincare Sample Pack
Bathe Marine Vanity Kit x 250
Bathe Marine Bath Salts X 60
Bathe Marine Dental Kit X  250
Bathe Marine Tent Card (1 Piece)