Custom Wholesale Hotel Slippers

Hotel Slippers

We stock:

  • white hotel slippers in open and closed toe style; waffle weave,  terry cotton and velour
  • black velour slippers in open and closed toe style
  • biodegradable slippers in unbleached linen colour, open and closed toe style
  • personalised slippers - please contact us for a quote.

Order in stock (MOQ apply)

  • different coloured slippers
  • different styled slippers  
  • personalised slippers from .20c per logo (plus cost of slipper) minimum order 1000 pairs

Samples: All of our slippers are available to purchase as individual pairs.



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Are you a B&B or hotel looking for hotel slippers?

At BNB Supplies, we offer custom wholesale hotel slippers, which can be personalised with your hotel name or even have your own unique design. We choose only the highest quality products which suit any budget whether you’re a 5* hotel, a vacation rental or an independently owned Airbnb property.

Why do your guests need slippers?

Slippers might not be at the front of your mind when thinking about what your guests might need, but while your guests might not necessarily need slippers, these little added extras can make their stay feel more luxurious and relaxing. If you’re a chain or 5* hotel, these things are expected of their stay, but if not, they can be an unexpected surprise. Something as simple as hotel slippers can be the final reason that prompts them to recommend you to their friends.

If you provide custom hotel slippers, if and when guests take them home, this can be a great marketing strategy. If they are of high quality like ours, people will likely wear them again when they get home, reminding them of their stay, and giving others the chance to see your name and logo on them too.

What kind of slippers are there?

At BNB Supplies, we stock a range of different kinds of wholesale slippers for you and your guests to enjoy, for example:

  • Velour Hotel Slippers – these are made from white velvet with a 5mm Eva sole. They come in both black and white, open or closed toe, and cost $4 a pair. Or you opt for 100 pairs of slippers for just $170.
  • Biodegradable Hotel Slippers – these closed-toe slippers are made from linen fabric with cotton lining and a wooden sole. Great for the environmentally friendly hotels, these can be shredded and thrown into a compost bin after use. A pack of 100 costs only $210 and comes in a paper bag to reduce the need for single-use plastics.
  • Waffle Weave slippers – these come in both open and closed-toe. This one-size-fits-all (30cm) slipper is often seen in hotels and spas and feature a non-slip Eva sole. One pair cost $1.80, or you can buy 25 pairs for $45 and 100 for $120. You can also buy matching robes to complement these.

You can buy our great quality cheap hotel slippers in packs from one to 1,000 or even more if you want them to be personalised. We’ll even send you samples of our slippers to help you decide.

Why you should choose us as your hotel slipper supplier

We want to provide you with only the best hotel supplies to wow your guests. With years of experience of both supplying and staying at hotels, we know what you and your guests need to make their experience one to remember. Our luxury guest amenities, from slippers to shampoos, are enjoyed by high-end clients for their high quality and environmentally friendly designs.

Just give us a call today at 03 8638 0115 or pop in to see us at B2 8 Rogers Street, Port Melbourne to talk about what you need.

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Waffle Weave Guest Slippers x 1
Waffle Weave Guest Slippers X 25
Non Woven Slipper X 300