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Commercial Wholesale Hospitality Supplies

We are a supplier of quality hotel products and are here to support your vacation property with quick and efficient service. We provide superior hotel supplies and guest amenities Australia wide to resorts, hotels motels, bed & breakfasts, short stay rentals, vacation properties, Airbnb properties and more. Stand out from the crowd with our carefully chosen range of stylish commercial hospitality products!

We only stock the highest quality products. Our luxury wholesale hospitality supplies  including luxury guest amenitties are sure to add value to your luxury hotel and enhance your guests’ experience during their stay with you. We provide quality housekeeping essentials including portioned detergents, tea supplies, toilet paper, electrical goods, housekeeping, kitchenware and top quality mixed packs of both skincare and food items - and much, much more.

The hospitality industry has never been more competitive. There are so many different options and alternatives available to those seeking out a comfortable place to rest their head that it is essential for any hotelier, BnB owner, motel owner or even Airbnb host that seriously wants to see their business thrive to separate themselves from the crowd. Read More

Wholesale hospitality supplies are the ultimate means of tapping into tried, tested and trusted products that deliver results and at prices that are reasonable.

Here at BNB Supplies, we are providers of exceptional hotel supplies and guest amenities. We seek to make the highest quality products accessible to hosts of all kinds across Australia. Once you have chosen us as your dedicated supplier, you can feel certain of the fact that you have a dependable, reputable and consistent source for all of your hotel linen, hotel pillows, hotel bedding and more.

We believe that in affording our customers the best possible products at wholesale prices, this helps to promote Australia as a destination that delivers the best hospitality standards that are both high-end and ethically sound.

High Quality Commercial Hospitality Supplies

At BNB Supplies, we appreciate that there are plenty of domestic alternatives accessible on the market to all those in the hospitality industry. However, we know that there is a vast difference between sourcing domestic goods and commercial hospitality supplies, and the difference will undoubtedly have a major impact on your year-end balances.

Commercial supplies are crafted to the highest standards of quality and with materials that will provide long lasting service. You may pay a little more for them compared to the discount alternatives, but in truth, you save a lot of money in the long run. The reality is that in an industry that sees such a high turnover of customers, it is essential that the supplies at your disposal will withstand use and continue to deliver the best standards of comfort and quality.

Here at BNB Supplies, we understand that it’s all about enhancing your guests’ experiences, which is why we supply only the best and most sustainable hospitality supplies from luxury brands including Sincerely Clean & Sincerely Organics, Apotheke, Sodashi and Thankyou.


The Importance of Sustainability

The team here at BNB Supplies is committed to doing our best to ensure the best practices when it comes to sustainability. This is one of the main reasons why we choose to manufacture compostable cornstarch plastic shower caps and sanitary bags, wheat straw plastic dental kits and shave kits, biodegradable slippers, plus many more initiatives. 

From sourcing Fair Trade ingredients and using biodegradable packaging to carrying out extensive research and development when it comes to waste reduction, energy efficiency and charity work, Hunter Amenities takes responsibility for the impact our industry has on the environment and continually strives for better practices.

Host Hospitality Supplies

The good news is that if you are running low and need to replenish your stock, we can deliver to the Melbourne metro area on the same day, to Sydney and Adelaide on the next day, and to Canberra, Brisbane, Tasmania and Gold Coast metro areas within two days. Get your order in by 10am and it will dispatch that very same day.

Regardless of whether you host just one Airbnb unit, or if you manage a luxury hotel, or if you are a budding boutique hotel, you can depend on the team here at BNB Supplies to furnish your establishment with the very best host hospitality supplies available in Australia.

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