Every Kitchen Appliance you need in an Airbnb

Author: Kellie   Date Posted:3 March 2023 

When starting out as an Airbnb host, there is much to learn and think about. At Bnb Supplies, customers are often asking for advice on bedding and consumables, but there are some simple tips and tricks that can save you headaches when it comes to kitchen

When starting out as an Airbnb host, there is much to learn and think about. At Bnb Supplies, customers are often asking for advice on bedding and consumables, but there are some simple tips and tricks that can save you headaches when it comes to kitchen appliances as well. 

Whether you are designing your kitchen from scratch, or preparing an established kitchen for short stays, we have some valuable tips to share. The number one rule when it comes to operating a short stay.

If you must explain how to turn it on, you have a problem. Keep it simple.

1. Fridge

Choosing the right fridge for your Airbnb is a key component to making sure your property is comfortable and welcoming for all guests. Key considerations to consider are property size and average length of stay. Families and/or weekly stays will need more fridge space than overnight or business travel.

Practically, white fridges are easier to keep clean than stainless steel, and consider which way the fridge door opens and how that will work in the space.

The freezer component is also very important to keep frozen items such as ice. Ice is one of the first things guests look to put in their drinks after a long day of travelling. 

Tip: Clean and refreeze your ice trays after each stay. Ice can be contaminated by absorbing odours/ flavours and can taste stale or old.


2. Oven

Having an oven is often a key point of difference between a hotel room and an Airbnb, so it is important to include an oven if you can. Even a toaster oven on the bench. Not everyone will use the oven, and no one will complain about having an oven. However, someone will complain if there is no oven. 

Electric ovens are simpler to use than gas, and are more popular, resulting in greater choice.

Whichever oven you choose, the key consideration is simplicity of use. Make it as easy as possible to use. If your guest can't turn the oven on, that phone call is coming for you. At dinner time……. And your guest will want it fixed immediately.

There are three main reasons an otherwise functioning oven isn’t turning on. 

  1. Complicated instructions.
  2. The previous guest has programmed the child lock on.
  3. The power has gone out and the oven needs to be reprogrammed before first use again.

Tip: Check whether the oven has a child lock function, and also whether the oven needs reprogramming for use after a power outage. If so, provide clear instructions on how to rectify both problems. The instructions are best included in your house guide, and also easily accessible on your email and phone in case you need to resend them on the spot.


3 Kettle & Toaster

 A must-have for any kitchen, kettles and toasters are essential items for a comfortable stay. 

Look for models that are simple to use, and easy to clean (e.g. removable crumb trays).  While white looks great in the kitchen; darker colours wear better on toasters and kettles.

Further, kettles with concealed elements will last longer in areas with degraded air and water quality.

In essence, make sure that you select a design which fits your environment, style and accommodation occupancy.

Tip - Do not select an electric kettle designed to look like a retro stove top kettle. A guest will remove the kettle from its electric base, put it on your gas or electric stove top and turn it on. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.


4. Microwave

When choosing a microwave for an Airbnb there are three key considerations. 

  1. How it fits the available space and which way the door opens
  2. Keep it simple - no one wants to read a manual in order to reheat the coffee.
  3. Consider a flatbed microwave (no plates).

Microwave plates can crack if they are run repeatedly with very small amounts of food (think microwave popcorn). It happened to us twice when we had an accommodation business, and both times it was a time consuming headache to replace the plate.

Tip - If you are purchasing a microwave with a plate, be sure to document where you can easily purchase replacement plates.


5. Coffee Machine

The most popular coffee machine offered in Airbnb’s is the pod system. They are simple to use and most guests know how to operate one.

If you are providing self-contained accommodation (rather than serviced), it’s important to make sure that you have a machine that your guests can easily access and purchase the correct pods for.

Other popular options for freshly brewed coffee are plunger coffee, or a simple stove top espresso maker. You can also provide some instant coffee along with the coffee pods. Judging by the amount of instant coffee in the supermarkets it’s a popular option.

Whether it be coffee pods, plunger coffee, or instant coffee; it’s important that all food and drink offered is tamper proof and / or sealed, particularly if the same product has been available for previous guests.



Sandwich Toaster / Blender / Rice Cooker / Waffle Maker / Pizza Oven / Slow Cooker / Air Fryer / Coffee Grinder / Food Processor / Electric Frypan or Grill

Like many of you,  Airbnb hosts, when we created our first short stay holiday accommodation, we made the type of accommodation that we personally wanted to holiday in. At the time we had very young children, and we fitted out our kitchens with blenders, sandwich toaster, electric frypans, rice cookers and beaters.

Over time we discovered that some items caused unnecessary headaches that were not necessarily outweighed by the positives.  

Every extra item in the kitchen to check, is one more task for housekeeping.  If they aren’t checked, your current guest may encounter situations such as a mouldy blender, a beater missing the beaters, or the sandwich toaster missing altogether.  

How do you decide whether the blender or sandwich maker is worth the extra housekeeping and expense? Our rule was three. If an item was requested three times, we considered it.

Alternatively, think about what else you are providing in your kitchen. If you provide muffin tins and other baking apparatus, a beater would probably be appreciated. 

When you’ve decided to purchase an appliance, look for the simplest to operate/clean, and with the least number of components to keep track of. 

Store it somewhere in sight to ensure it is looked after (and accounted for) by housekeeping. For example put the sandwich maker at face height in the pantry, or the blender on the kitchen bench.

Airbnb offers a unique travel experience for guests as each house is like no other, with hosts creating their own vision of an ideal holiday. Whereas a hotel typically employs a formulaic approach with an efficient supply chain and turnover practices.

A successful Airbnb combines the best of both approaches. Resulting in a host running an efficient Airbnb; whilst providing travellers what they really want: something special, yet comfortingly familiar.

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