Wholesale Soap Supplies Australia

If you are in the market for wholesale soap supplies in Australia, then you need look nowhere else. We supply everything from soap dishes, soap sets, soap samples and individualised as well as volume liquid soaps. We also stock organic and one-hundred percent ecological products so that you can show your guests how conscious you are of our collective carbon footprint.

There is no better way of demonstrating how much you care about your guests than by going the extra mile to supply them with guilt-free products that take our wider environmental impact into consideration.

These are the kinds of smaller details that the competition doesn’t always think of, as it is easy to dismiss them as unnecessary added costs. However, we hear time and again that our clients’ spike in room bookings correlates with the extra care they put into those so-called ‘forgettable’ details. Read More

Looking for the Best Deal On Wholesale Soap Supplies?

If so, then you can stop searching because you just found it! We have been delivering top quality accommodation guest supplies to hoteliers at unbeatable prices for years. As a long established business, we have been fortunate enough to earn the loyalty, repeat custom and word of mouth praise of some of the biggest hotels, airlines, and rental properties in Australia.

We partner with homeowners, small motels and large well-known hotels that are keen to get their hands on our excellent products to wow their guests. At BNB Supplies, we put the guest experience before everything else and understand that the best way to increase turnover in any industry is to keep clients eager for more.

We Only Stock Quality Soap Supplies

If this is your first time learning about our service, then you will see that upgrading the quality of your supplies is remarkably inexpensive and easy. Your guests could be enjoying soaps, hotel shampoos and conditioners of superior quality, raving about your establishment to their social group and writing top reviews online in no time at all.

You’d be amazed by what even the slightest increase in quality can translate into when compared with basic run of the mill self-care products. We know for a fact that the replaceable items that guests take with them from their rooms act as a reminder of their time there and can have lasting effects on whether they are likely to return or not.

Make their decision an easy one and stock the finest products every time they come to stay!

There’s No Need To Compromise With BNB Supplies

If you are looking for reliable wholesale soap supplies in Australia, do not place an order with anyone before you consult with us and see what we can do with you.

We assure you that our range of hotel and motel supplies alongside our prices will not be beaten by anyone online. You can verify for yourself by simply browsing through our whole collection of products on our website.

You can place an order online too, or you can give us a call or get in touch by email if there is a particular volume order or query you wish to discuss. We are always happy to help and would be delighted to point you in the right direction. Remember that if it’s not BNB Supplies, then it’s a compromise, either on quality or price.

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