Wholesale Quilt Covers in Australia

Every guest that stays at your hotel, or motel, or Bnb, or Airbnb expects that the space they have to sleep and rest will meet a certain minimum standard. Depending on whether you are a five-star resort known for meticulous attention to detail or are aspiring to reach those heights, one thing is certain, the cleanliness and comfort standards that meet your guests will determine the short and medium term future of your business.

At BNB Supplies, we are Australia’s go-to wholesale quilt covers providers. We have been in the hospitality industry for many years and draw on our considerable experience to deliver a range of high-quality hotel linen that not only meet our expectations but that offer value for money to those that will ultimately use them in service of their establishment. Read More

Wholesale Quilt Covers for Long Lasting Comfort

We know that you need quilt covers that will look like they are brand new each and every time, and will offer a consistent standard of comfort and luxury even after many washes. What’s more, we know that it’s just as important to have access to great designs by the best names in the business without having to pay lofty high street prices.

The Most Luxurious Quilt Covers in Australia

Our mission here at BNB Supplies is to make a superior line of hotel supplies and guest amenities accessible to those in the hospitality industry across Australia. Based in Port Melbourne, we respond quickly to those that require an immediate re-stocking of supplies and can deliver on the same day to those in the Melbourne Metro area.

Rest assured, no matter where you are our swift delivery service will address your shortage with little delay. Those in Sydney and Adelaide can expect next day delivery, while Gold Coast, Canberra, Tasmania and Brisbane metro areas are serviced in two days.

If you are searching for wholesale quilt covers for delivery in Australia, then you will be pleased to learn that many of the options included on our website are available as part of a set. These quilt covers are designed for commercial use, so they offer incredible durability and will stand up to repeat washing without losing their softness and comfort factor.

Where your hotel is concerned, the impact that a truly luxurious quilt has cannot be understated. The bed is where guests will typically spend the bulk of their time while on the premises and so it is essential that their nightly slumber is not disturbed due to coarse or uncomfortable bedding.

In this age of the ubiquitous Internet, it goes without saying that bad reviews can go a long way to hurting business. As such, taking measures to secure a supplier that can consistently deliver high-quality, luxury goods that will impress and linger long in the memory after checking out is vital.

How To Ensure Your Guests Feel Indulged Every Time

At BNB Supplies, our range of quilt covers is certain to please. Choose from such well-regarded luxury names as Actil and Brighton in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure that your guests feel indulged on every occasion. Our long list of clients includes some of the most prestigious names in the hospitality industry simply because they know we are as committed to excellence and high standards of quality.

Those that wish to learn more or chat with us in greater depth about our product range are encouraged to email or phone and our helpful, knowledgeable customer support team will be happy to address any queries you might have.

The best wholesale quilt covers in Australia are ready to ship and we look forward to sending something exceedingly comfortable to your establishment soon.

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