Hotel Supplies Online in Australia

The hospitality industry requires consistency at all times as well as a dedication to exceeding the expectations of guests. For hotels, motels or even busy Airbnb hosts, finding a supplier that is capable of meeting your high standards can be tricky. You need to be certain that they have the kind of brands and products that fit with your ethical and quality standards and they must be able to supply what you need, when you need it. Fortunately, those researching where to find the best hotel supplies online have found Australia’s ultimate supplier. Read More

Where to Buy the Best Hotel Supplies Online

At BNB Supplies, we are based in Port Melbourne and have an extensive range of commercial hospitality supplies ready to ship no matter where you are in Australia. We understand the necessity to stay one step ahead of not only the competition, but also the expectations of your guests, and so we take the hard work out of sourcing the very best products and brands that we are confident will deliver the x-factor to your business.

In terms of the variety of different hotel supplies available at wholesale prices, these are categorised as follows:

  • Small Appliances
  • Food and Beverage Bed and Breakfast Supplies
  • Guest Amenities
  • Hotel Accessories
  • Hotel Linen
  • Hotel Towels
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchenware
  • Hotel Bedding
  • Melamine & Polycarbonate
  • Toilet Paper & Facial Tissues

The Best Hotel Supply Company in Australia

Our goal is to offer a higher standard of quality to those in the hospitality industry. Those that choose to buy from us inevitably see a positive response from their customers as a result of the perceived comfort, style and sense of luxury that the brands and products we make accessible deliver.

First impressions are, of course, essential and set the tone for how your guest will go on to think of your premises. While you or your staff have a degree of professionalism that is welcoming and helps vindicate their choice to stay with you, those that leave all the other details to chance do so at their peril.

Hotel supplies in Australia that enhance the experience for guests are in high demand for this reason. The sense of value for money that your property delivers is one thing, but guests truly appreciate thoughtful touches and gestures that really show how much you’ve thought about their comfort.

As such, given that all of the aforementioned are accessible here on our site today, you can trust that we are the hotel supply company that caters to those that wish to be recognised among the best in the country.

National Hotel Supplies

Here at BNB Supplies, we are the ultimate choice for national hotel supplies. Quality is one thing we are known to provide but we go to great lengths to ensure that those that wish to be considered luxury high-end resorts have the kind of amenities and products in place that their target market come to expect.

The presence of brands such as Hermes, Nero, Moooi, Christian Lacroix, Anatomicals and Savoir Faire are often unexpected, and their presence immediately reaffirms your establishment’s claims as a place where guests will feel that they are living in luxury.

We supply amenities to superior hotels throughout Australia and so you can trust that we can deliver the kind of products that will complement or can be sourced to match any décor. Luxurious, comfortable and stylish hotel products sold wholesale is what we offer, and we look forward to shipping to something extra special that your guests will undoubtedly enjoy very soon.

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Beerenberg Ceramic Caddy
Cafe De Sol Creamer 3gm x 500
Luggage Rack Folding (Chrome)
Luggage Racks Folding (Black)
Milo 20g Sachets x 100
Moccona Smooth Coffee Sticks x 1000
250 x Makeup Remover Wet Wipes
Aurora Black Tea (500 Pieces)
Aurora Granulated Coffee Sachet
Fitted Electric Blanket - Single
Sample Make Up Remover Wipe
White Actil Standard Pillowcase
15ml Eartherapy Sample Pack
Quilted Pillow Protector
Tablekraft Luxor Table Fork x 12
10mm Satin Stripe King Flat Sheet
15ml Eco Fresh Sample Pack