Three core values sit at the heart of BREW’s est2015 product design policy

 1. Leading quality materials, from borosilicate glass through to high fired commercial grade stoneware

 2. Most diverse range of gloss and/or matt colours

3. Microwave & dishwasher safe to ensure practicality and maximum usage in any commercial environment.

Since it’s inception the BREW est2015 brand soared to the top as a market leader in coffee cups.

It is a brand centered in cafe culture, from the post war origins, an influx of Southern European Migrants to Australia in the 50s brought with them the love of coffee, and the social rituals that come with it.

Australia went from tea drinking commonwealth beginnings to now being widely considered the global leader in all things coffee brewing.

That cafe culture covers everything from the growing of the beans down to the milk art right before service.

We are proud to have BREW est2015 intensely infused into Cafe culture everywhere, with an ever growing range of equipment to suit the needs of coffee aficionados the world over.

Studies by Flavour Journal have shown that the colour of a coffee cup can alter the perception of taste. With the BREW est2015 collection we have carefully selected colours and materials to enhance coffee’s sweetness, aroma and quality.

That is why BREWest 2015 offers one of the most extensive ranges available, yet, it remains constantly growing and evolving.


Brew-Saffron Stackable Teapot 500Ml
Brew-Saffron Solid Colour Creamer 150Ml x 6
Brew Auburn Espresso Cup 90Ml x 6
Brew-Chilli Stackable Infusion Teapot 500Ml
Brew Infusion Teapot 750ml Chilli
Brew-Chilli Solid Colour Creamer 150Ml x 6