Why White Linen is Essential for Your Hotel

White goes with everything. Crisp white quality sheets bring a feel of luxury to your hotel. There are many reasons that 5-star resorts and hotels choose classic white.

Easy to Order

Having standard white means that it is easy to order when you need more hospitality amenities supplies. Linen is something that needs replacing often. Sheets and pillowcases can easily become ripped and stained.


With white linen, stains show up easily. Damaged sheets can therefore quickly be exchanged for stain-free ones before they are put on the hotel bed.It is important for a guest to see that their clean their bed is pristinely clean.

If housekeeping staff miss the stain and the guest finds it, they will generally be quite unhappy about it. When you use white any stain will show up. This is a good thing – stains that are not removed in the wash will stand out easily to the housekeeping staff.

Guests expect clean, fresh linen when they stay in quality resorts and hotels. Fresh hotel amenities in Australian resorts is part and parcel of great service.

Matching Colours

Having a standard color for your linen can make it hard to find your exact shades when you need to replace them. You may have to order the non-standard colors in bulk lots. With classic white, replacement orders are easy to make, and your hospitality amenities supplies are received more quickly. It is easy to order a single sheet or pillowcase as required.

Easy to Clean

White is the easiest color to maintain when it comes to linen.


White sheets are classic and stylish. They are always in vogue and are generally used by most luxurious hotels and resorts. White sheets look and feel clean.

Using white linen makes a difference to the experience that guests have in your hotel. BnB Supplies provide hotel amenities Australia wide and deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Tasmania, Canberra, Brisbane and surrounds. For advice on wholesale hospitality amenities contact us.

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