Why Sukin Body Wash & Body Lotion is perfect for Those Operating a Day Spa?

Date Posted:9 March 2018 

BNB Supplies is a family run business which prides itself on supplying high-quality products to those in the hotel and hospitality industries. Our main focus is to ensure our clients have access to the best wholesale hotel and hospitality amenities available in Australia.

Then Why Sukin?

Sukin, a brand synonymous with environmentally friendly, natural and affordable skincare was launched almost a decade ago in Melbourne, Australia. Over time it has grown to become one of the country’s most trusted brands in natural skincare.

If you are operating a Day spa, clinic or any other beauty Therapy business, then Skin body wash and body lotion is the ideal choice.

Sukin’sBody Wash and Body Lotion:

  • The initial range of products includes the 500ml handwash and hand cream, 500 ml body wash and body balm.
  • The Skin body wash is enveloped with aromatic botanicals which will leave your clients looking and feeling luxurious.
  • The Sukin Body Lotion is the finishing touch for your clients to achieve soft, supple skin that shines. It also leaves an enchanting aroma your clients will carry with them all day.
  • The Sukin body washes and body lotion are 100% Vegan, Carbon neutral and are packed in recycled and grey water safe packaging. Your clients will love the low carbon footprint made by the use of these products.
  • Day spas provide luxurious treatments in a clean, tranquil and harmonious environment and Sukin’sbrand values and core aims are aligned beautifully towards that.

Wholesale Purchases of Sukin Products

BNB Supplies is proud to add Sukin body wash and body lotion to their already trusted and reputed range of hotel amenities in Australia. We are an online wholesaler who stocks high-end luxury hospitality amenities for hotels, gyms, spas, restaurants and various related industries.  We deliver across Australia, including to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Perth. Start shopping for Sukin products with BNB Supplies today.

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