Tips for Choosing the Perfect Food and Beverages for Your Hotel Rooms

One of the best things hotel owners can do to ensure their guests return again and again is to go the extra mile to impress their guests by ensuring every single room is stocked with everything they need for a comfortable stay.

You’ve probably equipped your hotel rooms with minibars, but truth be told, minibars are commonly left untouched. Why? Because they are notoriously overpriced and underwhelming.

But what about complimentary food and beverages? Here are some tips on providing your guests with the perfect food and beverage products.

  1. Always Provide Complimentary Tea and Coffee

Sure, your guests could go down to the local café to grab a cuppa. But sometimes that’s not always an option so make sure each room is always stocked with high-quality tea and coffee products, including milk and sugar.

  1. Salt and Pepper

Not every hotel will think about the needs of their guests enough to supply them with salt and pepper for their room service, or food they have taken to the room themselves. This is a small touch that really goes a long way to impress your guests!

  1. Clean Cups and Cutlery

This one cannot be stressed enough!Be thorough with cleaning the cutlery, cups, mugs, and plates for your guests. It’s not uncommon for guests to complain, write bad reviews online or spread negative word of mouth about hotels who do not clean these items properly.

  1. Supply a Kettle

It may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many hotels neglect to supply guests with a kettle! This is another item guests will inspect for cleanliness so make sure special attention is paid to cleaning this appliance as well.

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