The Importance of the Fairtrade Product Lines. Why You Should Switch

When purchasing your commercial hospitality products such as tea and coffee from Bnb Supplies, you may notice your products are stamped with the ‘Fairtrade’ mark. We are one of 1,226 companies worldwide, in 72 different countries that produce our products under Fairtrade. You may be wondering what exactly that means and why it’s an important thing to consider when buying wholesale toiletries and other mass produced products online.

When consumers purchase products with the Fairtrade mark they are contributing to the growth of hard working farming communities and families in developing countries.

Fairtrade means the products’ ingredients have been sourced from small scale farmers and plantations that meet the internationally agreed Fairtrade economic and environmental standards. This includes the protection of the workers’ basic rights such as their safety, health and freedom of choice. Fairtrade helps to prevent discrimination as it gives hard working farmers and their families more of an equal playing field when competing with larger commercial farming corporations.

Fairtrade helps workers and farming communities gain more from trading which in turn helps them become more empowered and independent in controlling their own lives and the lives of their children and families. When you see this stamp you know the product you are buying has been sourced ethically as all of our hotel supplies have been.

As part of Fairtrade, BnB Supplies contributes to the prevention of child labour. Child labour is an issue perpetuated by unfair terms of trade and lack of standards in the farming industry, affecting millions of children in under privileged countries worldwide.

So if you’ve ever wondered what you can do to help effect positive change around the world, start by switching to Fairtrade products such as ours and have peace of mind that you are helping to change lives!