The Five Biggest Amenities Your Guests Are Looking for in a Luxury Hotel

Date Posted:1 December 2017 

The typical luxury hotel guests are either people who are used to the finer things in life or regular couples or families who are looking to treat themselves to an extra special hotel stay. Either way, expectations are high, and hotels must meet these demands. Here are the five things guests are looking for when they come to stay in your luxury hotel.

  • Quality Linen

There’s nothing worse than forking out decent money for a high-end hotel, only to sleep with scratchy, low-quality linen. Use high thread count sheets and plush pillows to give your guests a comfortable, restful stay.

  • Large, Soft Towels

Believe it or not, a guest will judge a hotel heavily on its bath towels. They need to be large enough so guests can avoid awkward moments while staying with coworkers or friends and soft enough to give that ‘luxurious’ feel.

  • The Highest Quality Toiletries

If your guests wanted to use cheap and nasty products, they would have stayed at a cheap and nasty hotel. Make your guests feel spoilt by providing them with high quality soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bubble bath and other spa products.

  • Something Special

One of the most important hospitality riles is ‘make your guests feel special’. Whether that’s with a welcome basket, a bottle of wine or cocktail upon arrival. Always go the extra mile!

  • Complimentary Amenities

Leave more than just a cheap bottle of water for your guests like most hotels do. Ensure your guests are provided with complimentary tea, coffee and other little goodies if you really want them to feel cared for.

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