How Will Your High Traffic Bathroom Benefit From Sukin Handwash

Date Posted:16 March 2018 

If you’re running a Gym, Fitness Centre, Yoga Studio, Day Spa, Beauty Therapy Clinic, or even a Restaurant, you want to select a handwash for your high traffic bathroom that will delight and captivate your client’s or diner’s senses.

Sukin Handwash is the perfect product to delight your clients, guests or diners.

  • Sukin are committed to creating products that are 100% vegan and are cruelty free. Values that so many of your client’s and customer’s hold close to their hearts.

  • Sukin only uses all natural ingredients which means your customers who enter your business’ bathroom are getting the highest quality product, with no nasty chemicals to irritate the skin. Just soothing, all natural ingredients!

  • The Sukin handwash range efficiently removes dirt and germs from the hands whilst still managing to keep the skin supple and soft. Your client’s will adore the feeling of cleanliness without compromising on softness.

  • Sukin handwash comes in three convenient sizes; 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre. This means there’s a perfectly sized handwash to suit any business’ high traffic restrooms or bathrooms.

  • Sukin handwash is made up of a rich blend of oils such as rosehip, avocado and jojoba which delivers moisture to dehydrate the hands. This means no dry or flakey hands, just beautifully hydrated skin.

  • Our blend of oils also means your client’s or diners will be mesmerised by the beautiful aromas that come from our Sukin handwash and stunning scent on their hands all day long.

  • Sukin handwash is a high quality and luxurious product. Having such products accessible to your client’s in bathrooms or restrooms helps set the tone for your establishment and says to your customer “we value quality, excellence and sophistication”.  

Sukin Handwash Wholesalers

At BNB Supplies we specialise in supplying high end and top quality wholesale hospitality amenities to businesses across Australia. Recently, we added the renowned brand Sukin to our range.

Sukin Handwash is the perfect addition to any Gym, Day Spa or Restaurant’s high traffic restroom or bathroom and will leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers. Start shopping for Sukin handwash with BNB Supplies today.


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