Make Your Guests feel at Home in Your Airbnb

Date Posted:1 December 2017 

When a guest comes to stay at your Airbnb, they want to feel as comfortable as they would at home; particularly when it’s their first time visiting. Your guests will be in a new, unfamiliar place so making them feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable should be your number one priority. 

Airbnb is becoming a competitive market where the hosts who offer more to their guests are the ones who end up with the business. If you want to stay competitive in your area, consider going that little extra mile to impress your guests and ensure they come back again and again.

There are some amenities your guests simply cannot go without such as a toilet paper, soap, shampoo and conditioner. But it’s your bnb so, why not do a little more?

It’s usually the little touches that make all the difference and become deciding factors when guests are thinking about whether they should come back to your Airbnb again or not. Using high luxurious soaps rather than the cheap ones, high quality toilet paper and supplying ethical shampoo and conditioner brands so your guests feel like they are having a positive impact on the environment, may just be the small touches that set your Airbnb apart from others. 

Providing information about places that the locals recommend is always a winner so leave a little guide in their room about the best places to eat and drink. Remember, people staying from interstate or overseas won’t be familiar with the area.  

Leave a variety of magazines on the table, place some freshly picked flowers in the kitchen, display some welcoming artwork and leave board games or craft items to keep visitors entertained while they stay. 

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