Impress Your Guests with the Finest Quality Hotel Toiletries

BnB Supplies have selected the finest quality hotel supplies to ensure our customers pass on these luxurious products to their guests. We choose brands that use ethically sourced ingredients and share a passion for environmental sustainability.

Bathe Marine offers quality, high end skincare, hair and body care products that are enriched with traditional healing properties of the sea such as kelp extract and phytoplankton.Sea kelp is firming, healing and soothing for any skin type and phytoplankton contains super high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which is great for your skin.This brand was selected as part of our range due to its luxurious ingredients and world famous, salon grade base formulations. Your guests will be blown away by these products!

Ritual Australia is a completely new concept in hair and body care products. They source many of their ingredients from indigenous active botanicals around the country to give guests a true taste of what Australia has to offer. Not only that, revenue raised from the sale of these products goes towards helping indigenous communities.

South Pacific Soap Company is another brand that we are so very proud to offer our customers. They use ethically sourced ingredients in all of their products such as coconut oil which is a sustainable alternative to palm oil. They test only on humans and most of the materials they use are 100% recyclable. Just by purchasing these products you are making a difference to the environment.

BnB Supplies also helps contribute to Fairtrade by offering products from One Fairtrade. These products were specially designed for the hospitality market and all contents are Fairtrade certified which is ideal for items produced in such large quantities.

Give your guests the highest qualities supplies and make a difference, simply buy using our wholesale hospitality supplies.

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