How High-Quality Hotel Amenities Change the Experience for Your Guests

When you choose the toiletries for your hotel or bnb, do you consider the impression they will leave on your guests and the overall impact they can have on your business?

Toiletries may seem like a small detail when you’re a hotel or bnb manager or owner with a million other things to think about, but in actual fact, choosing high quality products can make a massive difference to your guest’s experiences and the success of your business as a whole.

Just because you do not have a ‘luxury’ hotel, motel or bnb, doesn’t mean you can’t give your guests a luxurious experience.

Believe it or not, toiletries can have both a conscious and subconscious effect on your guests so if you’re looking to give your guests a more luxurious experience, selecting high-quality products can make all the difference. In the same way that cheap toiletries can have a negative effect in a 5-star hotel or bnb, high quality, luxurious products in a 3-star accommodation can really lift the guests' experience, improve positive word of mouth, online ratings and thus, draw more customers in.

Imagine your guests expecting mediocre hand soap and instead getting a beautiful organic South Pacific Soap Co. product that leaves their hands feeling silky and soft, or bringing their own hair products so they don’t have to use something ‘cheap and nasty’ and instead choosing to use the luxury indigenous shampoo and conditioner from Wallawa you have supplied. 

These experiences will leave a lasting impression on your guests that will make them want to come back to your accommodation again and again. 

Bnb Supplies proudly supply hotels, motels and bnb’s in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and around Australia with high quality, luxury products at wholesale prices. 

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