The Amenities Hotels generally provide for their Guests

Date Posted:19 November 2019 

Your aim is to make sure your guests feel welcome, well looked after and comfortable, and getting the correct amenities is a crucial part of that

The basic purpose of any hotel is to provide its guests with somewhere to stay for the night. To that end, they offer their guests a room with a bed and generally an en-suite bathroom plus storage facilities for their clothes and possessions.
That tends to be the basics, other than the services of a front desk and the security provided by locked premises. Most guests, however, expect quite a bit more and that may extend to a restaurant, coffee shop, bar and possibly a spa, gymnasium, 24-hour service and a parking garage in the larger and more expensive hotels.

The Essential Amenities to Provide

Running a hotel is a competitive business, and most owners and managers strive to make their hotel stand out from the rest. That can often be achieved by supplying a superior service but also by providing amenities that are not offered by competitors or are of higher quality or greater variety.
These days, most guests demand adequate WiFi coverage and large screen televisions with plenty of channels in their room. Added to those, however, are other amenities that many hotels provide to improve the comfort of their guests. These include:
Fluffy and soft towels that provide that feeling of luxury as well as being efficient at getting guests dry. Sufficient hand and bath towels need to be provided, the latter being large enough for guests to dry themselves thoroughly and cover up adequately. Guests provided with large, high quality towels are more likely to hang them up for re-use rather than throwing them out for laundry each day.
Quality pillows and bed linen in soothing colours that ensure a good night’s sleep. This is essential for guests who have endured long trips or stressful days and simply need adequate rest.

Toiletries that include shampoo, shower gel and conditioner so your guests can feel clean and refreshed before leaving their room. Ensure these are provided in sufficient quantity, in accessible bottles and are of good standard.

In-room refreshments, other than an over-priced mini bar, can help your guests feel relaxed and cared for. At the least, provide tea and coffee making facilities with complimentary tea, coffee, milk, bottled water and a few biscuits.
A hairdryer is often expected in any decent hotel room, so don’t disappoint guests who come without one.


Going Beyond the Basics

Most guests expect a basic level of amenities in any hotel, but you should aim to exceed their expectations in order for your hotel to stand out. To do this, go for more, go for better and go for something different.
If your towels are small, hard and thread-bare, guests will notice and will go elsewhere next time. Make sure, therefore, you provide the best quality, super-soft towels of an adequate size and replace them before they start to look past their best.
Don’t provide low quality toiletries in small bottles that are hard to access and which don’t contain very much. If guests are constantly asking for more, don’t feel refreshed after use and can’t get a lather with the shampoo, they’ll soon complain so go for the best.
Make sure your refreshments are tasty and plentiful. And above all else, make sure your guests get a good night’s sleep with soft, breathable sheets and comfortable pillows.
Your aim is to make sure your guests feel welcome, well looked after and comfortable, and getting the correct amenities is a crucial part of that. At BNB Supplies, we have everything you need to do it properly and at a reasonable price without cutting corners.

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