How to provide the best B&B stay

Author: Kellie   Date Posted:1 May 2020 

Filling rooms all year round is the ultimate goal for bed and breakfast guesthouses. The key to achieving this goal is no secret - ensuring customer satisfaction is imperative to keep your guesthouse bustling throughout the year.

How to provide the best B&B stay

Filling rooms all year round is the ultimate goal for bed and breakfast guesthouses. The key to achieving this goal is no secret - ensuring customer satisfaction is imperative to keep your guesthouse bustling throughout the year.
After all, happy guests leave positive reviews which influence the decisions of others, refer your guesthouse to friends, family and colleagues and even come back themselves for return stays.
How can you ensure that guests have the best stay at your guesthouse? Based on the contents of customer reviews online, there are four simple considerations you need to meet:


1. Provide a great night’s sleep

Quality of sleep is one of the most mentioned aspects of customer reviews for bed and breakfast guesthouses online. When guests come to stay, they come to get away, to have a little break from their day-to-day norm – and they expect to enjoy a great rest.
The environment in which they sleep will have a significant impact on their night’s sleep, and there are small things you can do to ensure you provide the best environment for your guests to have a great night’s sleep. Investing in quality beds, mattresses and sheets is key to providing guests with a better sleep than they would at home – encouraging them to want to get away more often. 
Be sure to replenish bed linen often to provide the most comfortable night’s sleep. If you’re looking to buy wholesale bed linen online, BNB Supplies have lots of affordable options to provide a great sleep experience for your guests.

2. Ensure absolute cleanliness

When paying to stay at a guesthouse, your guests will ensure a high standard of cleanliness as one of the minimum requirements of their stay. While rooms will be cleaned daily, you should also schedule regular deep cleans to keep furnishings like curtains, rugs and carpets as well as headboards, chairs and mattresses in top condition and to ensure thorough cleanliness in corners and crevices.
During these deep cleans, it is also important to review whether certain items need to be replaced, such as toilet brushes, soap dishes and toothbrush holders to ensure the most hygienic environment.

3. Diversify your breakfast options

More than ever, guests have a variety of dietary needs and preferences to be catered for, be it due to medical conditions or personal preferences. Therefore you need to ensure your breakfast menu is diverse enough to cater to a wide range of dietary options.
This is easier to achieve than you might think. Ask guests when they arrive whether they have any specific dietary needs you need to cater for. This can give you enough time to buy in or prepare foods such as gluten free breads, vegetarian breakfast items, dairy free milk alternatives, decaf coffees etc. that you may not normally keep a permanent stock of.
Guests should not be made to feel like they are putting you out of your way to enjoy a breakfast that meets their dietary needs or preferences. That’s why it can be useful to provide a breakfast list on their arrival with these options listed so that they can easily tick off the items they want.


4. Help them plan their stay

As locals of the area, you are best placed to help visiting guests make the most of their stay at your guesthouse. However, this involves more than simply providing leaflets for various attractions in the area. 
You should endeavour to research and keep a log of activities to meet the tastes and needs of different personas, age groups etc. and ensure all staff are educated on this log so that all members of the team are equipped to help guests plan out their stay in the area.
It’s a simple task but can make a significant difference in ensuring your guests are smiling and looking to their next trip back already on their departure.

4 simple tips to ensure an incredible stay

Deploy these 4 simple tips and monitor the impact they have on your customer reviews. We expect it won’t be long before ratings rise – and bookings too!

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By: on 24 November 2022
Have you long single fitted sheets and flat sheets to go with them

bnbsupplies Response
Hi Malcolm, Yes we have plenty of long single fitted sheets and matching flat sheets. They are a great option for accommodation providers with flexible bedding configurations, the most popular being a split king bed which can be a king bed, or unzipped into two long single beds. We have some extra large single flat sheets, customers use either a single flat or king single flat sheet with them. Both work with the bed and its personal preference which one you choose. Kellie

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