In the Dutch language, the word ‘mooi’ means beautiful. At the heart of their beauty concept is a collection of eclectic bottles, which are in the shape of MOOOI’s extra O, symbolizing extra value in terms of beauty and uniqueness. The unique and playful bottles are purposely designed in an upside down position, preparing them for immediate use. The fragrance itself is equally extraordinary, evoking contrasting senses, and is multi-faceted, characterized by the purity of its individual ingredients.

The fresh blend starts with a light top note of bergamot, cardamom and nutmeg, then leads over to the
warm, aromatically woody embrace of lavender and cedar wood, which are perfectly complemented by a deep, elegant base note of patchouli, tobacco and musk. All of its exotic components combine to playfully tickle our senses and make us feel completely at home, beautifully alive, vibrant and ready to conquer a new day.

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Moooi Mini Pack 200 pieces
Moooi Sample Pack

Moooi Sample Pack


Moooi Shampoo 50ml x 50
Moooi Shampoo 50ml x 200
Moooi Conditioner 50ml x 50
Moooi Conditioner 50ml x 200
Moooi Body Wash 50ml x 50
Moooi Body Wash 50ml x 200
Moooi Body Lotion 50ml x 50
Moooi Body Lotion 50ml x 200
Moooi Soap 40g x 100
Moooi Soap 40g x 200