In 2011, APOTHEKE's founder Chrissy Fichtl began to turn her love for soap making and scent design into something much more ambitious. Beginning with sourcing essential oils directly from farms, she taught herself the art of soap making. Just a year later in 2012, APOTHEKE's first factory opened in Brooklyn, New York.

The Apotheke Sea Salt & Grapefruit Amenity Line cleanses and moisturizes with the tang of sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit all balanced by dew drop accords and tarragon for a fragrance like summer by the sea.

Apotheke Mini Pack 200 pieces
Apotheke Shampoo 30ml x 300
Apotheke Shampoo 30ml x 50
Apotheke Conditioner 30ml x 300
Apotheke Conditioner 30ml x 50
Apotheke Body Wash 30ml x 300
Apotheke Body Wash 30ml x 50
Apotheke Body Lotion 30ml x 300
Apotheke Body Lotion 30ml x 50
Apotheke Sample Pack
Apotheke Shampoo 480ml
Apotheke Shampoo 480ml x 15
Apotheke Conditioner 480ml x 1
Apotheke Conditioner 480ml x 15
Apotheke Bath Gel 480ml
Apotheke Bath Gel 480ml x 15
Apotheke Hand Wash 480ml
Apotheke Hand Wash 480ml x 15