Drip On Coffee Bags

Laneways Drip Coffee Bags

Enjoy specialty coffee in a pour over style. This gentle method of brewing allows control of flavour and complexity through patience and even pouring.

The coffee is perfectly measured to brew 1 cup and ready for us in a hook-over-cup-filter. Its perfect for travelling coffee lovers or to brew at home or at work.

How to use Drip On Coffee Bags?

1) Unseal the package and hook-over-cup-filter.

2) Pull open the filter and hook each side over your cup

3) Wet the coffee by pouring hot water over the coffee. Take your time with this, you want the hot water to "drip through". Repeat three to four times until the cup is full of fresh brewed drip coffee.

4) Discard the pouch and enjoy. 

About Laneways Coffee Co

Australia loves its coffee. Our  famous coffee culture is about the experience and is uniquely intertwined with our laid-back, beach-centric lifestyle. “Going for a coffee” is linked to a healthy outdoors lifestyle, socialising, and practicing mindfulness.

Laneways Coffee Co. embodies Australian values and lifestyle in offering a unique suite of coffee products that puts the focus on quality, ease of use and transparent sourcing.

We support small-batch artisan roasters who are passionate about their craft and we continuously strive to bring their coffee to the market in new and exciting ways. The focus is on quality and maximising the consumer experience of coffee appreciation. To this end, Laneways Coffee Co. brings together the quality and craftsmanship of Australian artisan roasted coffee with beautiful presentation for the retail consumer, as well as food service and hospitality industries.

Laneways Drip Coffee Bag x 50